June 14, 2021

Dodgers: Kenta Maeda Currently Unhappy with Role on Team (Dodgers Nation)

Kenta Maeda has been a reliable arm for the Dodgers since he came here from overseas. He gets undervalued consistently and many believe he is just a typical fifth starter — that is not the case. Maeken is a genuinely good pitcher who would be a number three on most clubs, shown by his outstanding 3.15 DRA in Los Angeles.

When the Dodgers signed him in the offseason prior to the 2016 season, nobody knew what the ramifications would be of his largely incentive-based contract. Furthermore, nobody even knew if he would cut it in the big leagues. He definitely has proven to be an above-average major league talent, but has arguably been better as a reliever than a starter. Because of this, the Dodgers have moved him to the bullpen in the preceding months to the postseason in an effort to get him ready for the role in October.

He sees it a different way, and he might not be wrong in his assessment.

According to a recent column by Andy McCullough of The Athletic, Maeda is disgruntled with his role being constantly manipulated in an effort to decrease his pay.

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