June 14, 2021

Dodgers: Internet Trolls Houston Astros in Cheating Scandal (Dodgers Nation)

As strange and awful of a place the internet can be, there are times when it simply outdoes itself. And in the case of the current Astros scandal, cyber funnies appear to be at an all-time high.

We know the story up to now in regards to the Houston mess… Allegations of cheating via cameras in centerfield along with a television and sophisticated trash can banging system allows the home team to pick up on offspeed pitches from the opposing team.

For Dodgers fans, the situation proves to be the forever un-answerable “what-if” of a lifetime. For internet trolls, it’s an opportunity to go to work. Memes make the world a better place (change my mind). And in the sports world, creatives have been exceptional when it comes to finding humorous ways to troll the Astros scandal.

Yes, the “Center Field Camera Man” is the 2017 World Series MVP for Houston. As much as 2017 still stings for many Dodgers fans, you can’t really help but chuckle.

Moreover, nicknames…

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