August 3, 2021

MLB unveils plan for drastic cut in minor league teams (New York Post)

ARLINGTON, Texas — In order to run a sport, one must be able to wage battle on multiple fronts. Exhibit A occurred Thursday as, just seconds after running down the Players Association, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred turned his gaze toward the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, known to commoners as Minor League Baseball.

Yes, the majors and minors are clashing like frustrated parents and fed-up children at the moment.

With one year left on their working agreement, Major League Baseball proposed a dramatic realignment that called for the elimination of 42 affiliated clubs as well as a reorganization of the leagues that will continue to exist.

MLB’s concerns, as reiterated by Manfred, fall into four categories:

1. Too many affiliates’ facilities are outdated in terms of capacity for expanded staff, workout equipment and even a space for players to eat.

2. Too many leagues are so widespread geographically that players suffer physically from long bus rides.

3. The affiliates feature too many players who face little to no chance of reaching the majors, and in tandem with that …

4. The players currently get paid too little, so if there are fewer…

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