June 14, 2021

The Dodgers Should Consider Blake Treinen (Dodgers Nation)

It looks like the A’s cannot afford to keep Blake Treinen and probably won’t offer him a contract before the deadline of December 2. Treinen, who was elite in 2018 but struggled in 2019 is projected to get $7.8M by MLB Trade Rumors in arbitration. The Dodgers have question marks at the closer spot with Kenley Jansen trending downwards over the last two seasons. It’s risky but I’d like to see the Dodgers make a run at Treinen. This article will look at some options regarding trying to get Treinen.

The way the rules work is that the A’s must offer Treinen a contract by December 2nd that will obligate them to go through arbitration. If they don’t tender him a contract then he becomes a free agent. The A’s are way over their projected budget and will end up not offering some players contracts.

Why Blake Treinen?

The answer is pretty simple, 2018. In that season he pitched in 68 games with 38 saves. In 80.1innings he only gave up 46 hits with 100 strikeouts and 21 walks. His 2019 was rough and injury-filled which shows the volatility of relief pitchers. All relief pitchers are…

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