June 14, 2021

Dodgers: Stadium Cosmetics Are Nice, but a Team Overhaul is Nicer (Dodgers Nation)

A year after the unprecedented drag that was the 2018 off-season, the MLB hot stove has been a bit quicker to fire up in 2019. Will Smith, likely the best reliever on the free agent market, was almost immediately claimed by the Atlanta Braves. The San Diego Padres one-upped them with an even bigger contract for Drew Pomeranz. 

On the Dodgers front…well, nothing. Unless you count re-signing Rocky Gale as a big move. Many fans fear another off-season of big expectations and no payoff. Andrew Friedman, perhaps just to stave off bad publicity (although hopefully being honest), insists the team is in on all the big name free agents this time around. 

The biggest developments thus far have instead been in the much ballyhooed renovation of Dodger Stadium. With the park hosting its first All-Star Game in 40 years, it’s the right time for a fresh makeover, including improving accessibility and actually making use out of the dead zone beyond the centerfield wall. 

To which I say: sure, great. As much as I love the steady familiarity of the stadium (especially as the third-oldest park in MLB), all of…

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