August 3, 2021

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw and Rick Honeycutt – A Decade For The Ages (Dodgers Nation)

My love and admiration for the best pitcher of my generation – both as a baseball player and as a person – is well known, and one of the few things in this often uncertain world I’m sure of. Fully aware that we are witnessing history and becoming more aware of the passing of time in my 40’s, back in 2017 I wrote about how — if I could — I’d have saved time in a bottle that season, believing that what Clayton was treating us to as fans simply could not last forever.

In baseball as in life, seasons change, people come and go, lessons are learned, and memories are made. Of these memories, among the many I’ve been fortunate enough to make in my time as a Dodger fan, one of the most vivid is of my first trip to Dodger Stadium for the last homestand of September 2016…and the first time I saw Clayton Kershaw in person, warming up in the bullpen. And he wasn’t alone.

The casual spectator of a baseball game sees only nine defensive players on the field at once, as well as a first and third base coach to guide the hitter, but the man on the mound stands alone. Those who follow the game know casually don’t see or consider the work and guidance that goes on behind…

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