June 24, 2021

Dodgers Kenley Jansen and Teammates Working Off Thanksgiving Weekend (Dodgers Nation)

Obviously, we are dealing with the Monday after Thanksgiving which means the same thing for every human being; even Los Angeles Dodgers players. Therefore, Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen has a video that should remind all of us it’s time to get after it a little bit in terms of shedding that Thanksgiving holiday and the leftovers we all took part in enjoying a few days ago.

Here is a video Jansen posts to his Instagram from Dodger Stadium. Furthermore, he shows it as a lively place; including the likes of teammates Chris Taylor, and Kenta Maeda who gets a cameo shoutout.

Obviously the take-home message here is that it’s good to see so many Dodgers in one spot and getting after it in the weight room directly after a holiday weekend. Equally important is remembering that they could be anywhere in the world, but they’re showing dedication to their fitness. Thus, it’s a reminder that they’re human like the rest of us; and it should motivate us all to go do something after probably eating a bit too much this past weekend.

Finally, it’s great to see these guys just enjoying themselves as real people. It’s a privilege that social media in the year 2019 allows that…

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