July 29, 2021

Which MLB players were cut loose or traded on non-tender night (ESPN)

Non-tender night has become an increasingly interesting spot on the baseball calendar, as teams increasingly decline to offer contracts to viable and sometimes quite productive major league players who are not so productive that their current teams are willing to pay them what they might earn via the arbitration process.

The Baltimore Orioles put second baseman Jonathan Villar on waivers last week, even though he was coming off a season in which he hit .274/.339/.453 with 40 stolen bases. The Orioles finally found a trade partner Monday, as the Miami Marlins sent them a minor league pitcher, but mostly the Marlins will absorb Villar’s projected $9.75 million salary. The Marlins also acquired first baseman Jesus Aguilar from the Tampa Bay Rays, who was available for the same salary-driven reasons. The Marlins ranked 25th in wOBA at first base in 2019 and dead last at second base, so they just became a better team, adding a 4.0 WAR second baseman and a 2018 All-Star first baseman.

In fact, maybe the Marlins should scroll through the list of Monday’s non-tenders to build an entirely new lineup. Thanks to revenue sharing and TV money, the Marlins can afford these guys and roll the…

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