June 13, 2021

Dodgers: Gerrit Cole Sweepstakes Discussed by ESPN’s Jeff Passan (Dodgers Nation)

Death, taxes, and the Dodgers being connected to every big free agent on the market because, to put in frankly, they are the Dodgers. They hold MLB clout. They remain in the hunt for Stephen Strasburg. Anthony Rendon has met with the club. Gerrit Cole met with the Dodgers in Los Angeles. They are in the mix. If they go home empty-handed, it will be a huge loss for the city and the organization.

In a recent interview by Jeff Passan of ESPN with the YES Network, Passan discussed the monumental free agency period of Gerrit Cole.

The Dodgers would be fools to miss out on the Gerrit Cole sweepstakes just as any team in the major leagues who can afford him would be, per Passan:

“Gerrit Cole is the best free agent pitcher in history.”

Bold proclamation.

The ESPN writer even went as bold as to include past free agents like Greg Maddux and Max Scherzer when weighing his statement.

Furthermore, when Passan was asked about whether or not the New York Yankees would be all in on Cole, he responded with this;

“Gerrit Cole is the…

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