July 23, 2021

Blake Snell fumes after Rays trade Tommy Pham for ‘slapd–k’ prospect (New York Post)

Blake Snell couldn’t hide his honest reaction as it was being recorded live.

The Rays ace was livestreaming himself playing video games on Twitch when a report surfaced that his team was trading Tommy Pham to the Padres for outfielder Hunter Renfroe and infield prospect Xavier Edwards. Snell was not overly enthused.

“We gave Pham up for Renfroe and a damn slapd–k prospect?” Snell said with frustration after putting his hand on his forehead.

Pham, 31, slashed 273/.369/.450 and is an immediate upgrade for the win-now Padres outfield. But the same could be said about Pham’s importance to the Rays, who won 96 games on the way to a wild-card berth and then pushed the Astros to five games in the ALDS.

But Edwards may be more than a “slapd–k” prospect; he was ranked No. 5 in the Padres system and 72nd overall. The 20-year-old Long Island native hit .322/.375/.396 with 34 steals between two Class A teams in his first full minor-league season in 2019.

“I’m not trying to belittle a minor leaguer,” Snell later said. “It’s just super-rude toward that guy. That kid didn’t deserve me calling him a slapdick, let’s be honest … Tommy’s the man, bro….

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