July 29, 2021

Mets beating Yankees in my All-MLB ballot is telling twist (New York Post)

A funny thing happened while I was filling out my ballot for the All-MLB Team, which will be announced Tuesday at the Winter Meetings in San Diego:

There were 32 spots to write in names covering first and second teams. And I noticed that I had three members of the 86-win Mets and just one from the 103-win Yankees.

Jacob deGrom was one of my five first-team starters, Pete Alonso was my second-team first baseman and Seth Lugo was one of my second-team relievers. For the Yankees, I had just DJ LeMahieu as the second-team second baseman.

Now, we can quibble. That final relief spot came down to Lugo vs. Aroldis Chapman, and I went with Lugo because though their production was similar, the Mets righty threw 23 more innings. But even if it were Chapman, then it would have been two Mets and two Yankees. So what do I think of this?

That the Mets are squandering a period in their history when they have elite players grossly outperforming how much they are being paid. DeGrom was making $7 million in 2019 before his five-year, $137.5 million extension kicked in and won a second straight Cy Young. Lugo was not even arbitration eligible yet, making less than $600,000, and Alonso was…

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