June 14, 2021

Dodgers: Stan Kasten Talks Off-Season Needs, Being Labeled as Cheap (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers are coming off a disappointing postseason that saw their bullpen implode and their bats disappear. It was their first time not advancing past the NLDS since 2015, and it was especially disappointing as it came after a regular season in which the club achieved a franchise record in wins.

Many fans and some analysts have pointed to the Dodgers’ lack of risk-taking when it comes to signing free agents and making trades as a reason for the team’s now-infamous October blues. They feel that the Dodgers have played it too safe on the market, and as a result, are not getting over the hump to capture that elusive World Series title.

This has given the Dodgers a reputation of being cheap, a term which Kasten took offense to when discussing the offseason on MLB Network Radio on Sunday.

“What is this Jedi mind-trick (Friedman) has with you and the media?” Kasten said. “We’ve led baseball in payroll for his five years in Los Angeles, and all of you insist the guy is cheap and never spends any money. This…

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