June 22, 2021

Rangers Sign Lyles, Still Need Bats (FanGraphs)

The three pitching lines below all belong to Jordan Lyles, who just signed with the Texas Rangers for two years and $16 million:

Getting Better All The Time

2011-19 909.2 17.4% 7.9% .340 5.11 4.52
2018-19 228.2 23.7% 8.6% .316 4.13 4.43
2019, MIL 58.2 23.5% 9.2% .271 2.45 4.42

Now, maybe you’re not surprised that Lyles, 29, signed for $8 million a year. In our Top 50 Free Agents post, where we ranked Lyles 45th, you predicted two years and $12 million for the righty. $12 million isn’t $16 million, to be sure, but it’s in the ballpark. So perhaps you’re not surprised at this deal. I’m a little surprised, though. That’s because I think Lyles’ 2018-19 performance is far more likely to be indicative of his 2020-21 performance than his excellent run for the Brewers at then end of last season, and thought most teams would agree and offer him an accordingly modest deal this winter. The Texas Rangers, apparently, had other plans.

Still, even if the deal is for a little bit more money than I’d expected, it’s hard to argue this contract doesn’t make sense for Texas. After signing Kyle Gibson to a three-year contract a few weeks…

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