July 26, 2021

Carlos Beltran fallout could affect new Mets bench coach (New York Post)

SAN DIEGO — Be it as the deputy to a future Hall of Fame manager or to a future Hall of Fame player just starting as manager, Hensley Meulens views the bench-coach job the same way. He’ll get to put that philosophy in play next season as he goes from one extreme to the other.

Meulens, the long-ago Yankees prospect who didn’t live up to the hype, will serve as the bench coach to new Mets manager Carlos Beltran in 2020 after working the same role under Bruce Bochy of the Giants in 2018 and 2019. He worked as Bochy’s hitting coach from 2010-17.

“People think that Boch knew it all and didn’t need any advice,” Meulens said Monday at the winter meetings, addressing the media for the first time in his new position. “He had a brilliant career, but he was a guy that talked all day long, before, during and after.

“… He wanted to know the matchups. He wanted to know the best way to double-switch. He wanted to know who should pinch hit. All of that. I was the guy he came to most of the time.”

The 52-year-old Curacao native added he helped Bochy, who won three World Series titles with the Giants before stepping down at the conclusion of this past season, with…

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