July 29, 2021

Dellin Betances unique plan to quell fears (New York Post)

SAN DIEGO — Dellin Betances is built more like a basketball player than a baseball player, so he wanted to make sure that the care for his partially torn left Achilles was done by someone used to dealing with an athlete his size.

Dr. Martin O’Malley has been overseeing Betances’ care. Betances did not need surgery, yet the fear of teams will be how a 6-foot-8 pitcher will come back from such a serious injury and the stress put on his landing leg. The hope is that a doctor familiar with working with players of Betances’ size could not only get him well, but allay fears.

O’Malley is renowned for dealing with foot injuries and is the Nets’ foot and ankle specialist. He performed surgery on Kevin Durant’s broken foot in 2015 and also on the Achilles he ruptured during the NBA finals last season.

Betances is said to have a robust field of suitors, and it is possible he will take a one-year contract as a way to re-establish his value going into next offseason.

Betances battled shoulder problems all of last season. He faced two batters all season, striking them both out on Sept. 15, before doing a little pirouette that apparently led to the partial Achilles…

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