June 16, 2021

Dodgers: Stan Kasten Talks About Team’s Tough Playoff Losses and More (Dodgers Nation)

Anyone who is anyone is at the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego this week. Of course, that brings Los Angeles Dodgers’ president Stan Kasten out to the party.

Therefore, Kasten went on MLB Network with Chris Russo to discuss things like Dodger Stadium renovations; and more important matters. While you can view the entire conversation below, we parse the video for the high spots for you.

Indeed, Russo gets right to it after some chatter about the Dodger Stadium renovations. He asks Kasten to talk about the excruciating postseason exits the Dodgers have faced in recent years.

“Getting knocked out like that, it happened so quick and unexpectedly is just brutal. Those of us in this business are the only ones that can really relate. Surely fans feel it, but it’s nothing compared to how we feel. You know you work all year to get somewhere – and to be knocked out unexpectedly like that? Your first thought is ‘oh my God we have to start all the way back at square-one next year’. Then you think ‘maybe we will get here next year’, but that’s never a given. It’s excruciating.”


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