June 13, 2021

Giants seek pitching, but few signs Madison Bumgarner returning (ESPN)

SAN DIEGO — The San Francisco Giants would sure like to add a pitcher at this week’s winter meetings.

It just might not be Madison Bumgarner.

San Francisco president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi plans to meet with agents for the free-agent left-hander, but there are few signs the Giants are ready to commit big money to him for the long haul.

“We’re in contact with his representatives and expect to meet with them here,” Zaidi said Monday. “We are in touch with them. We will meet with them in person at some point here.”

Bumgarner was perhaps the biggest reason San Francisco won a third World Series over five years in 2014 and earned MVP honors from the Fall Classic. He hasn’t been quite so dominant since. The 30-year-old might seek a deal similar to Zack Wheeler, who finalized a $118 million, five-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday.

“I would expect us to add at least one starting pitcher here, and by ‘here,’ I don’t mean necessarily in San Diego, but there’s a good chance we do that,” Zaidi said. “We’re having multiple conversations on that front. Pitching is a big priority here for us, as it is for a lot of teams. It has been a major focus for us leading up to…

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