July 26, 2021

Yankees ignored complications for $324 million deal (New York Post)

SAN DIEGO — So in the time it took to read a tweet — Gerrit Cole, $324 million — the narrative flipped again from Hal Steinbrenner is cheap to the Yankees buy championships.

It is the organization’s no-win situation. Hal is either going to be criticized for not being his father or too much like him. So just block out the noise when you are a mega-franchise that wants something.

Good for the Yankees that they have incorporated Tampa Bay Rays principles to be able to inexpensively unearth a Mike Tauchman, Gio Urshela and Luke Voit. But you cannot tell a boxer whose best punch is his left cross that he can’t throw it in a fight. The Yankees are financial heavyweights.

Some arduous stuff comes with that, such as the need to write big revenue-sharing checks and the reality of huge pressure to win it all. So the Yankees should never run from their strength — namely that when they want to, they can throw their wallet at someone they want. And, man, did they want Cole.

So, Hal Steinbrenner unlocked his genetic code to channel his dad and hand Cole everything. Nine years. More than $300 million ($324 million). The highest average ($36 million) ever given any player….

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