July 23, 2021

Cubs looks like darlings of January (New York Post)

SAN DIEGO — These were the winter meetings dominated by Scott Boras. His clients Stephen Strasburg ($245 million), Gerrit Cole ($324 million) and Anthony Rendon ($245 million) agreed to three of the 10 biggest contracts in history — total cost $814 million — on consecutive days from Monday through Wednesday.

That removed the top of the free-agent market and the somnambulant pall that hung over the vavoom-less meetings of recent vintage. Still, just about every team but the Yankees left the Manchester Grand Hyatt with major agenda pieces unfulfilled:

Chicago Cubs: They just may be the team of January. The Angels’ signing of Anthony Rendon and the eventual enlistment of Josh Donaldson by most likely the Braves, Dodgers, Nationals or Rangers removes the best free-agent bats and third baseman from this market. And there will be the Cubs with Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras and a hunger to make a seismic shift to a roster gone tepid and a farm system gone fallow.

Are the Cubs interested in what an alpha new manager (David Ross) with a preexisting history with particularly Bryant could mean for the third baseman? Yes, but not enough to ignore maximizing the moment if…

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