August 3, 2021

AL Notes: Mariners, Seager, Orioles, Davis, Matheny (MLB Trade Rumors)

Seattle Times beat writer Ryan Divish cites a source close to the situation in saying that there is a “small chance but definitely a chance” that the Mariners deal Kyle Seager this offseason (link). Forgive this writer for being skeptical, but that reads like PR-baiting as much as anything these eyes have ever come across. It’s always important to remember that front offices are fully aware of the utility that the press can offer in floating trade rumors and potential signings, both as a means of gauging fan reaction and determining leverage against rival clubs. Still, it is an item worth passing along on the part of Divish–any time a club does anything short of unequivocally ruling out a player as “untouchable”, it means a trade is a possibility, after all.

That said, it’s not as if we would be inclined to believe that anyone on the Mariners roster is untouchable from the unsentimental hand of executive Jerry Dipoto–least of all a well-compensated, past-30 player like Seager. We…

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