August 5, 2021

Rick Porcello’s plan to bounce back with Mets (New York Post)

Rick Porcello fondly recalled his youthful appreciation, as a New Jersey kid, for Mike Piazza and the 2000 Mets on Monday. What the 2020 Mets would really appreciate is if Porcello, their newest starting pitcher, could reach back only as far as 2016.

The Mets signed Porcello, who turns 31 this month, to a one-year, $10 million deal primarily because of his durability, as he has qualified for the ERA title (minimum 162 innings pitched) each of his 11 seasons in the big leagues, a most impressive feat. On the other side of the agreement, Porcello settled for such a modest deal because in the 174 ¹/₃ innings he clocked for the Red Sox in 2019, he tallied a ghastly 5.52 ERA, quite a plummet from his 2016 season when he won the American League Cy Young Award with Boston, recording a 3.15 ERA in 223 innings, or even his 2018 when he tallied a 4.28 ERA in 191 ¹/₃ innings for the champions.

“It’s kind of a long list of things, honestly from the offseason leading into spring training. Certain things [that] kind of happened during the course of the season contributed to some of the struggles I had,” Porcello said during a telephone news conference. “I’ve got a…

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