June 13, 2021

Gerrit Cole hungry to bring Yankees an overdue World Series (New York Post)

The Astros had Gerrit Cole on the mound, and perhaps the opponent’s signs while batting, yet did not win the World Series the last two years.

In case you need to know how tough it is to win it all.

But, you know what?


This is the Yankees’ world now — as championship-or-bust as at any time with Ruth or Gehrig or under the bombastic demands of George Steinbrenner. This is life when you enlist what Aaron Boone called “maybe the best pitcher in the game in his prime” on the largest contract ever awarded a hurler.

Hal Steinbrenner, normally the measured son of The Boss, defined what he wanted for an investment of nine years at $324 million: “We need to win some championships. And I believe we’re going to do that — sooner rather than later.” When championships with an “s” was repeated back to him, the Yankees’ principal owner said, “Plural.”

The Yankees have one title in nearly 20 years. They did not appear in a World Series in the now-concluding decade — the first time that has occurred since the 1910s. Hal has shown patience and positivity as the seasons have passed. But he authorized going to nine years when he felt that would be a…

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