July 29, 2021

Gerrit Cole, Luke Voit keeping details of Yankees jersey switch secret (New York Post)

Gerrit Cole has worn only one uniform number as a major-leaguer. The Yankees have retired far more numbers than any other Major League Baseball team.

Both of those statements somehow remain true after Cole’s lucrative marriage to the Yankees, and all it required was some cooperation by Luke Voit.

Voit, the first baseman who wore number 45 from his Yankees arrival in August 2018 through last season, announced Wednesday on Twitter that he would switch to number 59 in order to accommodate Cole, who wore a 45 jersey at his Yankee Stadium introductory news conference.

“I’m going to wear #59 to honor my brother!” Voit tweeted. “It was his college football number at West Point while he was the captain of the football team!”

John Voit played for Army from 2015 through 2017.

It is standard in these cases for the well-compensated veteran, upon swiping his established number from a less experienced player, to pay a handsome reward. Whether that occurred in this case, neither side was saying.

“I’m not comfortable talking about that, because I haven’t spoken with Luke (about sharing the information),” Cole said. “I’m sure we can address that in spring…

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