June 14, 2021

Scott Boras got that much richer this MLB offseason (New York Post)

When super agent Scott Boras is done with this winter, he will have negotiated around $1 billion worth of player contracts and will personally rake in about $50 million.

Boras, who sat on the dais at Yankee Stadium for the introduction of Gerrit Cole Wednesday, takes in five percent of each contract he negotiates, according to sources.

This winter, he has done four major deals so far that ring up to a total of $878 million, which is $43.9 million in Boras’ pockets.

The Boras Corp. numbers so far:

1. Gerrit Cole ($324M total/$16.2M for Boras)

2. Stephen Statsburg ($245M total/$12.25M for Boras)

3. Anthony Rendon ($245M/$12.25M for Boras)

4. Mike Mosustakas ($64M/$3.2M for Boras)

Boras has pitchers Hyun-Jin Ryu and Dallas Keuchel plus outfielder Nick Castellanos among clients yet to be signed this offseason. They might allow Boras to bank more than $1 billion in player contracts.

With Marvin Miller, who was the head of the Players’ Association, finally in the Hall of Fame, you have to think that maybe Boras will deserve enshrinement one day, too.

While it is unclear if he will ever make it to Cooperstown, it certain he has helped make his clients and himself very rich.

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