July 29, 2021

List Of Current MLBPA Player Representatives (MLB Trade Rumors)

The Major League Baseball Players Association came into existence in 1966 with the hiring of Marvin Miller as its first executive director.  Currently, former player Tony Clark serves in that role.  In addition to the people employed by the union under Clark, each of the 30 teams has a player representative and as many as 3-4 alternate player reps.  According to the MLBPA, this is a constantly-changing list “due to trades, retirements, minor-league assignments and require new clubhouse elections fairly frequently.”

The union was able to share the names of the eight-member Executive Sub-Committee:

With the current Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire in less than two years, I feel it’s important for MLBTR readers to know which players will be more actively…

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