August 3, 2021

The anxious Yankees moments that led them to Gerrit Cole (New York Post)

Prior to the Yankees making a nine-year offer to Gerrit Cole at last week’s winter meetings, a conversation between Brian Cashman and agent Scott Boras shaped what led to a record-breaking deal for the free-agent right-hander.

“We were ready to make our first offer [for eight years] and [Boras] said, ‘Hold on.’ ” Cashman said Wednesday. “Clearly, Scott is controlling that market so he knows what is coming down the pike. He responded back to me the day before [Stephen] Strasburg [signed]. He goes, ‘Why don’t you wait in terms of engaging me until [last Tuesday]?’ There will be some new information that will be very important to you and Hal Steinbrenner to factor into whatever you are going to decide moving forward.’ ”

The Yankees GM believed Boras was talking about a development with Cole.

“[Boras] said, ‘Let me get back to you [Tuesday],’ ’’ Cashman said.

A day earlier, Strasburg agreed to a seven-year deal worth $245 million.

“I remember getting a text from Hal [Steinbrenner]. ‘Now we know what the new information [Boras] was referring to,’ ” Cashman said. “So, of course that signing affected the market and drove it even…

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