July 23, 2021

The Baseball 100: No. 98, Carlos Beltrán (The Athletic)

Starting in December and ending on Opening Day, we at The Athletic will count down the 100 greatest baseball players by publishing an essay on a player every day for 100 days. In all, this project will contain roughly as many words as “Moby Dick.” Yes, we know it’s nutty. We hope you enjoy. 

There are certain ways you know that you are growing old as a baseball writer. One of those ways is when you start seeing the sons of players you covered become big leaguers … and then become big-league stars. Another is when players you covered become managers.

And then there is the daunting moment when a player you remember watching as a young, scared kid full of potential and doubts goes into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I have no doubt that Carlos Beltrán will someday make me feel even older soon.

For most of his career, Beltrán was not seen as a Hall of Famer. His career was impacted by three special effects that I believe clouded his…

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