May 15, 2021

Dodgers Players Send David Freese a Retirement Gift (Dodgers Nation)

David Freese may have a World Series title as a Cardinal, but he retired a Dodger and is still feeling the LA love from his former teammates. Per his Instagram, Justin Turner had been hinting at him to expect a gift that both he and his son Kai could play. That gift ended up being a custom Fender guitar.

Turner has some help from Fender and country singer Brad Paisley in designing the guitar, which features the logos and colors of the St. Louis Cardinals, Anaheim Angels, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Dodgers, the teams Freese played with throughout his 11-year career.

Dodger blue takes up most of the color on the guitar with Cardinals red taking up the second most space. Pirates gold takes up a small sliver on the side, while the only representation of the Angels is their logo surrounded by a sea of blue. Quite poetic if you ask me.

Freese may have played for a handful of teams, but his contributions to the Dodgers in 2018 and 2019 were key throughout their postseason runs, especially in 2019 when he kept them alive in the NLDS with his three clutch hits in three at-bats in game three.

Now Freese has a piece of the Dodgers that he can take with him forever.


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