May 11, 2021

White Sox sign Edwin Encarnación to one-year, $12 million deal (The Athletic)

The White Sox are managed by a sprightly former utilityman who played four positions and finished his career with as many sacrifice bunts as home runs. Their executive vice president was a fleet-footed center fielder who tells a fun story about being challenged by John Carlos and Tommie Smith to a footrace as a youth.

They cannot be accused of building a contender in their own image. They could be accused of trying to build a contender.

In signing three-time All-Star and career-long masher Edwin Encarnación on Christmas Day — for one year and $12 million, a source confirmed — the White Sox are not filling a glaring hole on their depth chart. They are not locking up someone who will grow along with their young core. It’s not even clear if they’re addressing a real, urgent need. In adding Encarnación and his .263/.352/.499 career batting line, they’re just adding another guy who can really hit. That always seems to help.

Other than the…

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