December 5, 2021

Evidence Yoenis Cespedes could make Mets comeback valuable (New York Post)

Yoenis Cespedes retained more self-confidence than salary for next year.

Speaking recently on MLB Network Radio, Eduardo Perez revealed that Cespedes had predicted in a conversation that he would hit 40 homers in 2020 and perhaps even match his uniform number — 52.

Cespedes had zero homers last year in no games played. So he already is leading the league in chutzpah — and maybe delusion too. Nevertheless, the Mets have not given up that there is production possible for Cespedes. They could have fought to pay none of the $29.5 million he was owed in 2020.

That they didn’t reflects either: 1. They did not want to risk losing a grievance and having to pay the full freight and/or 2. At a reduced rate, the Mets believe Cespedes is still an asset to keep or trade.

Cespedes could make as little as $6 million, more likely $11 million and as much as $20 million depending on his health and whether he is productive enough to warrant regular at-bats. What does history say about the return of veteran sluggers after missing a full season?

Many have come back to strong production. It was quite familiar for players to lose time to military service earlier last century. Ted…

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