May 13, 2021

Dodgers: Joe Davis Talks Francisco Lindor and More on MLB Network (Dodgers Nation)

It’s always great to hear the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers – Joe Davis – talk shop. Therefore, when he joined MLB Network’s High Heat, we sat up and took notice.

Without a ton of conjecture, let’s look at what Davis has to say about the Dodgers’ off-season. You can check out the entire segment in the video below, but read onward for the best bits.

First, Davis is presented with a package that would land the Dodgers Francisco Lindor and Mike Clevinger. Davis says that he would be careful when it comes to including one Dodger in particular.

“My gut reaction is that it’s too much. The name on there that does that is Gavin Lux. I just don’t think that this is a guy they will want to deal. Even if it wasn’t as many pieces, I still think with Lux’s name on there that it’s too much. Now if you take Lux out of the deal and leave the other highly-regarded prospects on there like you listed. And you put somebody else’s name on there, then I think it’s a deal the Dodgers may be willing to do.”

Then, Davis describes what it would be like to have Lindor in Los Angeles….

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