May 12, 2021

David Stern’s NBA legacy has core value NFL can learn from (New York Post)

Madison Square Garden fills up for almost every Knicks home game even though the product on the court hasn’t been much to brag about for a while. The franchise can thank David Stern for that.

Under his 30 years of leadership as NBA commissioner, Stern turned the once-struggling league and all that goes with it into a global attraction, making iconic venues like the Garden a destination for basketball fans around the world even when the Knicks aren’t winning.

Stern, who died Wednesday at age 77, helped create the aura of the NBA and venues like the Garden with a visionary approach that turned the league into a multi-billion dollar industry.

“It was David Stern’s vision that created the modern NBA,” the Knicks said in a statement. “He understood the incredible talent of our athletes, the passion of our fans and the extraordinary marketing opportunity of this league, and all of us are reaping the benefit of his courage, leadership and business acumen.”

If you like the NBA, then you can thank David Stern. And if you hate the NBA because it is player-driven, then credit David Stern for that, too. Current and former players who benefited from the Stern era took…

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