April 18, 2021

Gammons: The Hall of Fame case for Curt Schilling (The Athletic)

I first met Curt Schilling in 1988, after the Red Sox had traded him and Brady Anderson to the Orioles for Mike Boddicker. From the outset, there were two Big Schills. One was the pitcher, major leaguer and baseball fan; the other a person who, away from the sport, pushed boundaries.

Before Schilling made his first major-league start in September 1988, Orioles manager Frank Robinson called him into his office, looked at his earring, blue streaked hair and tattoos and asked, “What’s wrong with you, son?”

On the other hand, when Schilling recalls the incident, he says, “I couldn’t believe I was sitting there with Frank Robinson, one of the greatest players who ever lived.” Three winters later, Schilling was working out with Roger Clemens and got a stern message from the Rocket about taking his profession more seriously, a message that Schilling did not forget.

Not long before Schilling’s initial meeting with Robinson, Cliff Schilling, a…

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