May 12, 2021

Dodgers: ESPN’s Olney Lists Will Smith As One of Baseball’s Top Catchers (Dodgers Nation)

While Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith has just 54 big league games under his belt, it’s easy for that thought to escape some. Truly, Smith displayed the poise of a veteran during his first campaign in the big leagues in 2019.

Furthermore, he displayed the ability to drive the baseball off the sport’s best pitching. Honestly, how easy is it to forget that Smith hit 15 home runs upon his call-up in that small sample of games? For one, I did.

Now, Buster Olney of ESPN has compiled a list of his top-10 catchers in baseball. Indeed, Smith cracks the list at number ten. Remember, for a guy with that small amount of experience to make the list; it’s incredibly special.

Here’s what Olney says of Smith.

10. Will Smith, Los Angeles Dodgers

That the Dodgers turned over a championship-caliber pitching staff to a rookie said everything you need to know about Smith, who reminds evaluators a lot of Posey in his skill set and demeanor. In his first 170 plate appearances, Smith had an adjusted OPS+ of 134…

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