May 14, 2021

Dodgers Nation Pays Tribute to Rich Hill (Dodgers Nation)

On New Year’s Eve it was announced that Rich Hill had signed with the Minnesota Twins, and though not surprising, was still a blow to Dodger fans who had been treated to his presence since his acquisition from the Oakland A’s in July 2016.

Rich, who would become affectionately known as Dick Mountain, came to mean a lot of different things to Dodger fans in the short 3 ½ seasons that he wore Dodger Blue. Here, the Dodgers Nation editorial staff and members of the Dodgers fan base pay tribute to number 44, one of the more endearing Dodgers in recent history.

What were your first thoughts when you heard Rich had signed with the Twins?

Gail: When I first heard that Rich had signed elsewhere, it didn’t take me long to start composing some farewell thoughts to him, as he is the type of player and person who I feel deserves more than a simple goodbye. Rich was more than a pitcher; he became a pillar of strength and resilience, on and off the field. In fact, I had already started jotting down some farewell thought earlier this season when I thought he was done for good on a couple of occasions, but like the phoenix, he kept rising. 

Marshall: Given he’s my absolute…

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