May 14, 2021

Yankees turning into the runner-up from MLB 2018 free agency (New York Post)

Who won free agency?

Not this one. There will be lots of words expended on who did the best and worst from this current class — there already has been some early renderings. But we should know from history that the instant won/lost analysis from an offseason is based mainly on famous names obtained or removed and money spent or not. Thus, it is often wrong.

For example, last offseason the Mets were generally touted as winners — with trades for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz, and free-agent signings of Jeurys Familia, Jed Lowrie and Wilson Ramos.

All the results are not in yet from last offseason — and because Bryce Harper is signed for 13 years and Manny Machado for 10, we will be recalibrating for much of this new decade. Still, we know a season’s worth about that 2018-19 group to better gauge success and failure, and to refine our thoughts what it could mean for this current class:

The Winner

The champs, of course. The Nationals were imperfect (see Trevor Rosenthal, $7 million). But this organization values starters, invested in two (Patrick Corbin, six years, $140 million and Anibal Sanchez, two years, $19 million) and won its first title behind its rotation….

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