April 12, 2021

Red Sox suspend clubhouse attendant accused of raping teen boy (New York Post)

CONCORD, N.H. — One of two men charged with repeatedly raping a teenage boy at New Hampshire’s youth detention center in the late 1990s went on to work as a clubhouse attendant for the Boston Red Sox, who suspended him when the club learned of the allegations, the team told The Associated Press on Monday.

Stephen Murphy, of Danvers, Massachusetts, was charged in July with 26 counts of aggravated felonious assault. He and Jeffrey Buskey, of Boston, are accused of sexually assaulting and beating the boy at the Sununu Youth Services Center in Manchester, where they worked as youth counselors.

“When we learned of the allegations against Stephen Murphy involving events that occurred prior to his Red Sox employment, he was suspended without pay from his position. We will have no further comment going forward,” spokesman Kevin Gregg said in a statement to the AP.

It’s not the first time the Red Sox clubhouse has been linked to sex abuse. In 2002, retired Red Sox clubhouse manager Donald J. Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty in Florida to four counts of attempted sexual battery of boys younger than 12.

Rus Rilee, who is representing the New Hampshire accuser, has said his…

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