April 12, 2021

New Statcast Metric: Where do the Dodgers Fare? (Dodgers Nation)

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Wednesday morning, Baseball Savant introduced a new metric to the baseball world: Infielder Outs Above Average. This is an extension to Outfield Outs Above Average, now applying the same Statcast based concept to infielders. Here’s how they describe it: 

“Outs Above Average (OAA) is the cumulative effect of all individual plays a fielder has been credited or debited with, making it a range-based metric of fielding skill that accounts for the number of plays made and the difficulty of them. For example, a fielder who catches a 25% Out Probability play gets +.75; one who fails to make the play gets -.25.”

Keep in mind, the OAA number you will see on the left side is a cumulative statistic that goes up or down with innings played, while success rate added on the right side is rate based. 

With that said, let’s take a look at how the 2019 Dodgers rank in this new metric, with some rather surprising results. 

First Base

First base was a bit of a revolving door for the Dodgers in 2019. Cody Bellinger began the year there, and was good, but was able to…

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