May 17, 2021

Seeking MLB Arbitration Expert For Paid Project (MLB Trade Rumors)

As you may know, MLBTR has been publishing salary projections for arbitration eligible players for nine years, using an algorithm developed and maintained by economist Matt Swartz.

The traditional method of projecting the proper salary for arbitration eligible players does not involve an algorithm, instead focusing on comparable players.  As we’re always seeking to improve our own knowledge and projections, I hope to be trained on this traditional method.  I’m seeking a person with relevant experience at the MLB Labor Relations Department, MLB Players Association, teams, agencies, or third party consulting firms who is willing to teach me traditional arbitration projecting as a paid project.  We would collect the statistics needed and work through relevant examples.  Please note that I am not interested in learning how to argue cases at hearings, but rather in projecting the correct salary or salary range for any individual player.  If you’re interested in this paid project,…

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