April 17, 2021

Carlos Beltran cheating mess is perfect storm of bad for Mets (New York Post)

For the Mets, the sign-stealing saga that has now brought upheaval to the Astros and Red Sox is the flood in the apartment above you. It is not your flood. But here it is seeping into your apartment.

It is a perfect storm of bad for an organization that has been tripped up over the years by so many of their own missteps:

1) The Astros have been the most hated organization in the majors. So all of their competitors have wanted as much negative fallout for Houston as possible.

2) Yet, I have not found an outside executive who thinks Houston was punished enough in the rulings announced Monday by Commissioner Rob Manfred. In some form I have heard that now former Houston manager A.J. Hinch and president of baseball operations Jeff Luhnow should have been permanently banned and/or that the Astros should have forfeited the ability to sign players internationally for a few years, not just lost draft picks, and/or their 2017 title should be vacated and/or that players should have been punished.

3) Beltran is the only player mentioned in MLB’s report. The implication is clear — he was not just a beneficiary of the sign-stealing knowledge; he was involved in establishing the…

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