April 17, 2021

GM Scott Harris Discusses Giants’ Offseason (MLB Trade Rumors)

Although they’re coming off three straight sub-.500 campaigns, the Giants haven’t made any aggressive offseason moves to improve their chances in 2020. Their biggest additions have been a pair of potential bounce-back starting pitchers in Kevin Gausman and Drew Smyly. Both players, including Smyly on Thursday, joined the club on relatively low-risk one-year contracts.

With Gausman and Smyly in tow, what’s next for president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi, general manager Scott Harris and the Giants? Well, they’re not finished constructing their roster yet, Harris told Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle as a guest on the Giants Splash podcast.

As of now, San Francisco’s “actively working on a few different upgrades,” Harris revealed. Specifically, the Giants are “working really hard to add to our rotation” and “working hard to add some power and balance to our offense, both in the infield and in the outfield.”

Even after picking up their two new starters, questions…

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