April 19, 2021

Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez Talks Astros, MLB, and Cheating (Dodgers Nation)

Obviously, when sanctions were handed down upon the Houston Astros to begin the week, a firestorm began in the MLB fraternity. That reaction chain began with current players and extended to former ones. Notably, players like Adrian Gonzalez who played the game for over a decade.

Now, Gonzalez joins Petros and Money on AM570 LA Sports to talk about the impact the Astros’ sign-stealing had on the game of baseball.

First, Gonzalez talks about the difference between getting an edge and outright cheating. Furthermore, this reminds me of Ross Stripling talking about the difference between the two.

“I feel like MLB has to be very specific and let everyone know where that line is drawn. Obviously what the Astros have been doing is definitely over the line. I think that it’s something that when I came to the game would definitely deserve somebody to…

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