April 12, 2021

Why your Astros cheating anger likely won’t last long (New York Post)

A few years ago, on the 20th anniversary of the last ruinous baseball strike, I wrote a column commemorating that sad event and marveled at the fact that the sport, by all appearances, had made a full recovery from what seemed a suicide mission.

At the time — 1994, 1995 — there was so much vitriol charging the masses it really seemed we might never see a full ballpark again. People screamed about boycotts. They vowed never to go back. And yet, by 2014, the 20th anniversary, there was plenty of evidence that baseball fans had forgiven and forgotten. I wrote that.

A few days later I heard from Dustin Veraggio. He had made a vow on Aug. 12, 1994, that he was done with baseball. And he’d kept to that vow. He didn’t give an age, but did say, “I’m old enough that I saw Babe Ruth hit two home runs in a game against the Senators around 1932 or so. And I lived and died with the Yankees for every day after, until Aug. 12, 1994.”

We corresponded a bit. I was able to pinpoint the day of the game in question: May 21, 1932. The Yankees swept the Senators at the Stadium, 14-2 and 8-0. In the opener, Ruth swatted two blasts, one off Lloyd Brown, one off Frank Ragland. And…

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