April 12, 2021

Drellich: How baseball might move forward after the sign-stealing saga (The Athletic)

A longtime scout on Saturday was worried. Over the years, he said, everyone in his line of work has run into someone like this: the type of scout who sees a home run and quickly quips, “Oh, they’re probably juicing.”

No one wants to be that guy. And yet, here this scout was after the electronic sign-stealing saga, wondering out loud: What can be believed in baseball?

Fact and fiction have blended in the fallout from the firings and suspensions that stemmed from Major League Baseball’s investigations into the Astros. It’s all too easy now to scrutinize every at-bat.

As Major League Baseball and the sports world cultivate direct relationships with gambling entities, a la MLB’s partnership with MGM Resorts International, integrity in the sport — and the appearance of it — may take on even greater importance, if that’s possible.

How will the sport’s leaders move to regain public trust? As one person connected to the Astros…

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