April 17, 2021

Marcus Stroman rages over Carlos Beltran’s cheating Astros (New York Post)

Add Marcus Stroman to the growing list of players speaking out about the Astros’ sign-stealing.

And, in an ironic twist, the man who was set to manage the Mets right-hander this year — Carlos Beltran — was involved in the game Stroman referenced.

Stroman responded to a tweet that posted video of his start on Aug. 6, 2017 while with the Blue Jays against the Astros, in which he allowed 11 hits and two earned runs over 6 2/3 innings. In the video, you can hear the notorious garbage-banging noise in which players were tipped off to what pitches were coming. Beltran, who the Mets parted ways with last week, went 3-for-5 in that game, 3-for-4 against Stroman. Earlier that season, Stroman held the Astros to one earned run over seven innings in Toronto.

Stroman wrote that he remembered wondering how the Astros kept laying off such tough pitches. He also mocked Astros players who have gone quiet.

“S–t makes sense now,” Stroman, who the Mets traded for last season, said. “I remember wondering how these guys were laying off some of my nasty pitches. Relaying all my signs in live speed to the batter. Ruining the integrity of the game. These dudes were all about the…

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