April 19, 2021

Larry Walker didn’t think he was getting in (New York Post)

Larry Walker did not think it was happening.

The Rockies slugger tweeted earlier on Tuesday that he felt that he was going to end up short of the number of votes needed to reach the Hall of Fame. Walker instead made it by six votes, getting 76.6% of the 397 from Hall of Fame voters in his tenth and final year on the ballot.

“Although I believe I’m going to come up a little short today I still wanna thank all you that have been pulling for me and showing your support,” Walker tweeted. “I’m grateful for all of you! It’s been fun leading up to today reading everyone’s thoughts. Cheers.”

Walker was a .313 career hitter with 387 home runs and the NL MVP in 1997. The 53-year-old Canadian told MLB Network after being voted in that his tweet was not a reverse-jinx or anything of that nature. 

“I truly meant that,” Walker said. “I had the numbers in my head and was prepared for a no call. Then the call comes and all of a sudden you can’t breathe.”

Walker played 10 years for the Rockies, six for the Expos and two for the Cardinals.

Walker will be joined in the 2020 Cooperstown class by Yankees legend Derek Jeter, who got 396 of 397 votes. Curt Schilling…

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