April 21, 2021

The Face of the Rockies, Nolan Arenado, is Wearing a Scowl (Baseball Essential)

The Colorado Rockies signed third baseman Nolan Arenado to an eight-year, $260 million deal before the 2019 season, and both sides have reason to be unhappy less than a year later.

Arenado wants out.

And the Rockies found out through the media that their best player is visibly unhappy. They’re paying a lot of money for the face of the franchise to be upset at the front office.

Multiyear, big-money deals rarely work out to everyone’s satisfaction in the long run. 

The usual problem with the big deals, the player failing to meet expectations, isn’t what went wrong. Arenado hit .315 with 41 home runs, 118 RBIs, and a .962 OPS last season.

But the Rockies flopped. After making the postseason as a National League Wild Card the previous two seasons, they unexpectedly dipped to 71-91 and finished fourth in the NL West.

It was particularly disappointing because the club did it with a franchise-record $156 million payroll.

Break Up the Rockies

Of course, at the end of last season, everyone who writes about baseball in the media or blogosphere knew the answer: tear down the team and start over, which is really easy to do if you’re sitting at a keyboard. 

Front office…

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