April 21, 2021

The greatness of Derek Jeter, Rivera (New York Post)

Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter now own the largest voting percentage in the history of the Hall of Fame.

Rivera received 100 percent of the vote last year and Jeter fell one short of being unanimous Tuesday when the tallies were revealed. Since we love pitchforks and torches as much as ever, there was an immediate social media posse unleashed to find the one person who did not vote for Jeter.

Let’s keep in mind that one voter represents .0025 of the 397 votes cast. And it obscures the fact that whether you get in by six votes in your 10th and final year on the ballot as Larry Walker did or receive 99.7 percent of the vote in your first year as Jeter did, it is the same Hall of Fame.

If anything, let’s use the large voting percentages received by Rivera and Jeter as a reminder to appreciate the last baseball dynasty, of which they are the faces — the 1996-2000 Yankees. No team has won consecutive titles much less three in a row since the 1998-2000 Yankees, no club has won four out of five, no team has appeared in five of six World Series as those 1996-2001 Yankees. The 2010-14 Giants won three in five years, but were not considered the force-of-nature juggernaut of…

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