April 21, 2021

Takeaways from this year’s Hall of Fame voting (Baseball Essential)

1. Schilling is not a slam dunk to get in

Curt Schilling reached the 70% mark in the BBWAA voting announced Jan. 21. Historical voting patterns indicate that if you get that close and have time left on the ballot, you will get to 75% and make it.

But Schilling is one over-the-top,  pro-Trump tweet or an offensive remark on a podcast from submarining his candidacy.

This is a Presidential-election year. I don’t think he will be able to control himself.

2. Voters who want Bonds and Clemens elected will change tactics

Barry Bonds  and Roger Clemens got slight increases, to 60.7% for Bonds and to 61.0% for Clemens. They have two years left on the ballot and their support is only inching up. Historical voting patterns indicate they are not gonna make it.

But they both surpassed the 70% mark on ballots that were made public. So the pressure will be on for everyone to make their ballot public. The ones who don’t will be called cowards. If these voters (many older writers) do make their ballots public and omit Bonds and Clemens, they will be exposed to the Twitter mob. 

Some think Twitter is a reflection of the public’s opinion. It is not. It skews younger and much angrier…

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