April 19, 2021

Athletics Optimistic About Stadium Project (MLB Trade Rumors)

The Athletics are expressing quite a lot of optimism regarding the team’s longstanding efforts to secure a new ballpark. President Dave Kaval says that he anticipates final approval to proceed with construction this summer, as Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle tweets.

Over the years, the twists and turns in the stadium-building process have been many. So much so that it’s tough to presume that new obstacles won’t arise. Kaval is obviously well aware of the past history, which makes his seemingly unfettered anticipation all the more noteworthy.

The Athletics president says that it’s time to “get the shovels ready.” But the precise timeline isn’t yet clear. It seems that the hope is for a final go-ahead to be secured within the next six months. Where things go from there remain to be seen.

For reference, the Rangers are set to open their new facility this year after announcing (already largely finalized) plans in May of 2016. The Braves’ clandestine stadium deal was…

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